Returns & Exchanges

Dear customers,
We take your satisfaction with our products very seriously and have established the following return and refund policies to protect your rights and make shopping easy for you.
1. Exercising the right to cancel
(1) Consumers can freely cancel orders within 3 days after ordering goods online. For orders canceled due to simple change of idea, the order can be canceled within 3 days from the date the product is made available. (Only applicable to customers who purchase ordinary products, except for customized plans and complete set of products)
(2) In order to protect your rights and interests, we recommend that you provide content proof, emails, text messages, screenshots, website recordings and other evidence showing that you will cancel the order within three days.
2. Limitations on the exercise of the right to cancel
Anyone who falls into any of the following categories shall not exercise the right of return against the seller’s wishes:
(1) During product inspection, except for packaging damage, the consumer is responsible for product damage.
(2) The value of the product has significantly decreased due to use or partial consumption.
(3) As time goes by, the value of the product decreases significantly and it is difficult to resell;
(4) Product packaging is damaged.
(5) Formulate a plan and a complete set of products
(6) For the sake of transaction security, we know that the cancellation of an order for a single item or similar goods will cause serious losses to the seller that are difficult to compensate. The seller will notify you separately. We will provide the following transaction information (including electronic documents)
3. Whether the order can be canceled unconditionally depends on whether conditions 2~5 are met. You must withdraw your order by declaring the product and contacting the seller separately.
4. Return and refund processing:
(1) If you decide to cancel your order, you must return the products supplied. If certain products have been used or consumed, the seller will charge you the profit or supply fee consumed. For products that cannot be resold or have significantly reduced in value, we will require the purchaser to pay a portion of the cost of supplying the product.
(2): Contact the seller’s customer service representative. If the customer service representative does not reply, please contact the corresponding email address
(3): Communicate the number of products that need to be refunded and the reasons for the refund
(4): Refund to your settlement account (refund directly to the account through the website)
Refund time: It is expected that the refund will arrive at the customer's designated account within 3 to 7 working days. If the refund does not arrive, re-communicate with the refund customer consultant.
5Return fee burden:
In principle, the return costs for canceled orders will be borne by you. Therefore, you change your mind and bear the cost of refunding your order.
Thank you all for your understanding and support. If you have any questions about our return and refund policy, please feel free to For the best service, I will do my best.
Happy shopping.